Activities at The Kraal

We are located in the heart of South Africa’s beautiful Wild Coast.

This truly magical place and The Kraal offer everything you need for an unforgettable adventure or the ultimate relaxation. 

Whether you want to ride the waves at Shark’s Point, hike to Hluleka Nature Reserve or do absolutely nothing – it is all here:

Hikes and Guided Walks: from 3-hour strolls to beautiful waterfalls to 2-day treks to Port St. John’s and Coffee Bay – our local guides will take you as far (or not so far) as you wish to go.  

Village Tours: we can also arrange opportunities to share a lunch with a local Xhosa family, check out traditional arts and crafts or visit a pre-school (where you can even help out, if you wish, through The Kraal.

The Indian Ocean: literally, at our doorstep, with all the surfing, snorkelling, fishing, dolphin-spotting, whale-watching or beach-wandering that one could wish for.

Bird Watching: A few of the birds that are at the Kraal are the common Wagtail, Sunbirds or Honeysuckers, Starlings, Flycatchers, Hammer Kops, Ravens, Sparrows and Weavers.

Taking Part in the Villages Activities: Kholeka’s serves the best traditional Xhosa dishes.

Surfing: We boast over 13 different surf breaks within walking distance of our establishment. One of these surf breaks is the Shark Point, this is one of the best right hand, big wave breaks on the South African Coast.

Snorkeling and Fishing

Dolphin and Whale Watching: We have regular sightings of both whales and dolphins. You can view them from the comfort of our verandah.