Founded in 1997 in rural Transkei, the heart of South Africa’s Wild Coast, The Kraal Eco Backpackers Lodge is an initiative to use eco-friendly sustainable business model to encourage positive change and development of the surrounding impoverished community.

We operate a 100% eco-friendly facility.  We lead by example and aim to extend these practices to the community in which we work.  We therefore ask our guests to please follow our principles and practices that help us preserve our environment, conserve local nature, and build and respect our local community.

We aim to take our experience of using eco-friendly, self-sustainable tourism to spur local community development to a larger scale, while respecting local cultural heritage and sensitivities.

We are excited to share our experience and learn about yours, and are always interested in new ideas and opportunities for collaboration.

Let us tell you a bit about our practices at The Kraal.

Water - Shower water and water that has been used in the kitchen is reused as we have a grease trap and filtration system in place, where the water runs through a reed bed and into our gardens.

Self Sustaining Vegetable Gardens - We, at The Kraal, believe that every family have an established fruit and vegetable garden. Our garden is divided up two sections:

The top section is for medicinal plants and fruit.

This garden never fails to produce, anything from bananas, granadillas, pawpaws, guavas to  mulberries. The medicinal garden not only benefits The Kraal but also the locals, with many coming daily to ask for something for their ailments.

The bottom section is our herb and vegetable patch.

We are very proud of this garden, there is always something to make a fresh garden salad.

In our vegetable section there is a huge reed bed that filters all shower water before it reaches the crops. Just another eco friendly system that is in place at our establishment.

Solar Energy - The Kraal has solar panels and battery banks, these are sufficient for us to run our music and lights, charge our laptops and cellphones (as well as yours) and run our fridge and freezers.

At night time our gardens are lit up by solar consol jar lights that we have placed around our establishment.

Recycling Waste - All rubbish is separated and processed. We have our handmade tin crusher that helps us saves space, all tins and bottles are sold to a recycling plant - making money out of rubbish. All papers are stored to be burnt in our donkey in the cooler months when the solar panels are not sufficient to warm the water. Organic materials are all thrown into our worm baths and also used as feed for our chickens.

We have recycled and used 3 baths that were found in a scrap yard and have converted them to worm farms/baths. The worms provide us with worm tea and amazing soil rich in nutrients, which is used on our seedlings. The worm tea is also added to our 5000 Litre "Yebo" tanks and is used to water our gardens.

Bio Gas Toilets - We believe that these are the way forward. Not only do these catch the waste, they process it into gas which we use to cook.

By staying at our establishment, not only allows you to live off the grid but also you will have a minimal effect on the environment. Join us make your positive footprint.