The Kraal


The Kraal Eco Backpackers Lodge is a self-run, eco-sustainable rural haven situated on the hills above the Indian Ocean. We are located in a village, Tswelleni which translates from the Pondo dialect to onion. Ideal for travelers seeking to dive into the heart of Pondoland.

Pioneer in rural green tourism, since 1997, our commitment to developing and sustaining our environment, allows us to offer you a unique way of looking at life with a positive footprint.

It has been a dream for years, we started by building a place that would be warm, secure and functional - living off the grid and surviving. It is 17 years later and we are still going!

Our history has shown that change happens with creativity, persistence, continuity, and team effort.

Who runs The Kraal

Together with the owner, Dillon, staff are employed from the local village and trained to our standards. We have helped many young people from the village to grow and to reach their dreams.