“A Kraal is a homestead and usually included a simple fenced in enclosure for animals, fields for growing crops and one or more thatched huts.” - Nelson Mandela

Rural Haven

Crossing the Kei River approaching from Cape Town takes you into The Kei – a medley of rolling hills and round huts created by the ludicrous laws of Apartheid; sustained by the serene laws of Mother Nature.


Accommodation at the Kraal comes in the form of traditional thatched Xhosa huts. The soundtrack is provided by the ocean. The floors are made of cow dung. The beds are aligned with the stars.


We are off the grid meaning, although we can see Eskom’s (SA’s power provider) lines, we opt not to use them. Our energy comes from the sun. Our dedication to the environment is a way of life.

What to do

Activities at The Kraal range from sitting on the veranda staring down a perfect V at dolphins playing in the surf to hiking to a waterfall in a forest cascading through a tunnel of rock.